Account Management

Client accounts are held in their name(s), mostly at Charles Schwab & Co.  Our firm is given permission to make buys and sells in the account, based on the agreed-in-writing model.   While each account is traded individually, we keep them all invested the same according to the agreed model.  So, when a fund is replaced, that change happens in all the accounts we manage.  Your accounts are treated with the same value and importance as our own accounts, as we invest our accounts the same way.

COSTS & FEES: Since we use only no-load, no-transaction fee funds, there is no cost to any of the buys, sells, or changes.  The only normal costs include the operating expense ratio of the funds and our investment management fee.  Our fee is based on the balance of the account at the end of each calendar quarter multiplied by a quarter of the annual fee listed below:

                Up to $100,000                                  1.5% annual fee
                $100,000 to $1,000,000                      1.0% annual fee
                Over $1,000,000                               0.85% annual fee

This fee is clearly stated in our Quarterly Performance Report and is typically taken from the account itself.